People Cannot Drive

It never ceases to amaze me!

I drive an 18 wheeler (Tractor Trailer) for a living, and it simply never ceases to amaze me how badly people drive.

Just today, for example, in the course of driving the 1.7 miles from where I parked last night to where I had to pick up my load, 3 4-wheelers (cars) tried to commit suicide by doing all sorts of crazy things.

The first car was in such a rush, that he sped up as I was changing lanes into his lane. There was more than enough room when I started my maneuver. When he saw he was going to have to slow down (18-wheelers are not as speedy as cars on surface streets), he jumped into the right lane (which was ending) revved up his SUV, honked his horn, gave me a single finger salute, jumped between me and another 18-wheeler, and slammed on his brakes. Then he proceeded to yell a variety of vulgarities, not worth repeating, and told me to learn how to drive.

Then, as I get ready to make the last turn, into the shipper, 2 more cars decide I am too slow. Now, this is a very tight turn for a vehicle that is 72 feet long, 102 inches wide and is jointed. I have to turn left and make room to make it around this very tight right hand turn. This maneuver is called a “buttonhook” , for those of you who don’t drive trucks. So, these two cars, decide to cross the double yellow and run the stop sign. If I had not made that last look in my left mirror, both of them would have been pinned under my 53′ long 14,500 lb trailer, probably wishing they had been patient.

So, tell me, why can’t people drive???

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  1. Did he have Jersey plates? Because this may be a key answer to your enduring 18-wheeler question,

    “Why can’t people drive?”

  2. I am not sure as to whether he had NJ or PA plates, as it was at about 5 am, and still dark. BUT THAT IS A GOOD POINT.

  3. I thought so. I always stay clear of those little rectangle yellow warning signs on the backs of certain cars.

  4. Yes, they are the ones that scare me the most.

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