Oil hitting new highs! Diesel over $4.00 a gallon!

Fuel Prices

What is wrong with this world? People are worried over Britney Spears and American Idol and the such, when we have a bigger crisis here… Read this article: AP 3/12/08: Gas Prices, Oil Rise to New Records by John Wilan

Today, I passed the same truck stop 4 times. I drive back and forth on I-81 delivering paper to a large printer in York, PA. The truck stop in question is the Love’s Truck Stop located on Exit 90, I -81 (In Pennsylvania). The first time I went past, Diesel was $3.96 a gallon. An hour and a half later, it was $3.99. Two hours later it was $4.01. The forth time I went past, it was $4.06. A 10 cent increase in the course of about 8 hours.

Now I am parked in another truck stop, and I just noticed, that diesel is $4.14 a gallon!!! 95 cents more expensive than gasoline! (I am glad that I am a company driver, and not an owner operator)

But you say, so what, it is good that those big smelly slow trucks have to pay so much more than I to fill their tanks up. But remember, you are the one who is ultimately paying to fill the fuel tanks (up to 200+ gallons a fill). You see, the costs of transporting everything you buy at any store is handed down until you the consumer buys the item(s).

Now, before you go and say it is Bush’s fault, or the Arabs fault, or any other thing like that. It is your fault more so. Why? Because either you did not vote, or you voted without thinking about all the issues. This is one issue to really think about this coming election.

The economists are claiming we are heading into a recession, and you know what…I AGREE! with fuel costs increasing 2.5% in one day we are DEFINITELY heading towards a recession.

Voter beware…be educated…be smart!

(Side note, I am sorry if you find the picture at the top offensive, but that is what we are facing very soon)

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