1500 miles and still going strong…

Harrisburg, PA Sunrise

Thanks to alot of caffiene and junk food, I have driven over 1500 miles in three days. Whew! Sure is starting out as a good week. The only draw back, is the other day, I learned that I am not going to get much of a weekend, much to my wife’s and my chagrine.

When I finish working this Friday afternoon, I will get about 24 hours home with the family. Then I have to head back out and pick up my Monday load. Then it is down to Harrisburg for recertification as a Training Engineer. This recert class is an all day affair. When it is over, I go to sleep for 10 hours, wake up and start my work week all over.

I have been doing most of my driving during the night hours. This allows me plenty of time to think, jam out to the radio, observe the beauty of sunrise, and just plain be happy that there is little traffic. However, most of the idiot drivers are also out at this time.

Today, I realized how lucky I am though to have this occupation. Even though I drive the same thing every day, most of the time twice a day, I get to be outside (a favorite thing). Also, I am fortunate enough not to have to commute to work, because my house and “office” are one and the same. As I type this, I am in my “living/sitting room” and the bedroom is immediately behind me.

I get challanged frequently, which I like also. Some of my challenges are simply how to get this big rig into that tiny parking space. Others are not so simple. Like when I am running short on time, and just have to make it to a safe parking place. Ask me sometime if you don’t understand.

Well, it is about time to brush my teeth and go to bed.

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