Love Is A Strange And Beautiful Thing

Love is a very strange a beautiful thing. Just moments ago, as I sit here in the my companies operating center, I think I have witnessed “Love At First Sight”. I do believe in such a thing, I I was stung by cupid’s arrow the day I met my wife to be, but that is another story all together.

I was waiting in line to purchase a duffel bag, since I was tired of using plastic grocery bags when I wanted to go take a shower. A few feet away, a foreign man (from Kosovo or the area, as near as I can tell from his accent, is gazing longingly into the eyes of a fairly ordinary black woman (from an inner city area by her dress, and manner of carrying herself) about his age. She has just become a driver and was getting her gear and truck assigned. He, as far as I could tell is an established driver.

She is trying to get her gear and understand all of the many instructions that comes with the gear. He is saying all sorts of “sweet” little things, like how beautiful she is, etc.

Now, I am out in my truck, and the two walk past. They are in step, arms and feet moving in unison with each other. The man is so involved in their discussion, he cannot take his eyes off of her for more than a second or two.  She too has her eyes locked on him almost constantly. She makes no attempt to break stride or move away from him.

It strikes me as funny and yet wonderful that two diametrically opposed people who have known each other for only a couple minutes can be attracted to each other instantly. Love is definately a stange and beautiful thing. This is the kind of thing one only sees rarely if at all. It renews my faith that all people can get along, regardless of their backgrounds, race, and beliefs. One just has to be open to the possibility.

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  1. How blessed you are to have witnessed this!

    On a side note, I’m glad you finally got the new duffel.

  2. It was really cool to see this “event” unfold.

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