Who Reads This Blog?

Besides myself, the author, and my wife, of course…is there any one who reads anything here? I know I have not really said anything of great or profound wisdom. My friend has a great and often times profound blog, but not mine.

I have a job (great money), a loving wife and three loving kids, but other than that, nothing exciting happens. Am I wasting my time on this? Should I give it up? I see that people do visit. Mostly from http://acrookedwalk.wordpress.com/, but noone seems to say anything (Other than my wife).

Do I bore you? Do I make any sense? Have I just not said anything? Maybe I should just delete it and forget it.

So, if anyone other than my wife ACTUALLY reads anything I type here, just let me know. If I bore you or anything, you can say that too. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Maybe I am just being rash, but whatever.

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  1. Hey Derek,

    I’m here:) And I think I have posted before. I will add more though, and I can insult my readers into coming over as well:)

  2. One more very important thing…I see that red is your favorite color as well. Good thing.

  3. I told you that someone besides me reads your blog! Also, I don’t care if anyone else reads it or comments on it. This is one way for me to find out what you are thinking about and what you have to say, because the Lord knows we never get a chance to talk about anything for more than five seconds, whether you are home or not. So, keep up the good work! I can only hope that you have as much an interest in my thoughts and what I have to say.

  4. Jenn, Yes you are right. I really don’t care, but am curious.

  5. Yes, Tiff, I do care what you have to say and think. I missed you at your blog the last few days. I keep checking to see what is up on your homefront.

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