A day off and sick kids

My first day off from work in the last two weeks. It is awesome. Except, 2 kids are sick, and a ton of chores.

My two boys are sick. One has a sinus infection. He also has asthma and so we have to watch that too. The second one, my baby, has the end of bronchitus, and also a large painful swelling on his jawline. We have no idea what this is.

Today is opening day for T-Ball/Baseball. Parade and ceremony. Tomorrow, a big scout meeting to try and wrap up everything for the year. Have to move rocks from the back to the front, finish raking, and whatever else is asked of me. Oh yeah, I also have to call my new student and give him the lowdown on the when and where to meet me on Sunday night.

It is supposed to rain today, and I have to go to the store for a few things.  Our septic system has a (hopefully) small issue, but while we get it figured out, if it’s yellow, let it mellow school of thought is going on.

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