Where are my friends?

Have you ever felt like your friends (other than your family) have all but abandoned you? That is how I feel today. The only person who will readily talk to me, I can’t get off the phone when I have nothing to say, because we have talked about everything.

Old friends dissappear, new friends are busy, and acquantances are ussually boring. Hmmm, I must try and find my friends.

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  1. I’m sorry you feel that way :(. In your profession, it has to be harder to keep in touch with friends. I do know how you feel. But, you know, I think this summer we will be able to reconnect with a lot of people whose company we enjoy! Love ya! BTW, you are my BEST FRIEND.

  2. I just realized, Derek, that I added your blog address twice to my blogroll:) So, you have friends in this part of Pennsylvania. And by the way…we never leave home, so you can call us. We would love it…or just come over. You can even take off your shoes if you want and walk barefoot.

  3. I know you are out there Tiff, but with all of your kids being under the weather I did not want to bother you. I was refering more about some other friends, who I wish to have remain nameless.

    Thank you for the offer. I may just take you up on it someday.

  4. Tiff, you are right, let’s keep quiet, and see if my numbers shoot through the roof. HAHA

  5. I feel that way this week.

    Where is everyone?
    No blog comments.
    No messages.
    No e-mails.
    Where’s the love? Where’s the love, I ask you? 😛

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