Yet another slow day

Today was a rather easy day again. Only one load to pick up and deliver. I hope things pick up.

They will pick up, it is just a matter of being patient.

You see, this is the time when the holidays are over, and it is just before the summer paper season. 2 weeks before Memorial day through Labor Day are ussually pretty good when you are one an account that delivers paper products.

My usual run involves printing paper, and they are coming into their slow time of the year. Not many big jobs of printing being ordered right now. That picks up again in the fall and runs through early spring (right about now).

Otherwise things are going pretty good. My student is scaring the living daylight out of me daily (too fast for curves, missing gears and rolling slowly onto highways, etc). Some people ask we why I am bald, know you know…

Maybe I will right more later today, but if not, bye for now…

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  1. I hope things pick up, too 😛

  2. I am slightly frightened for you, Derek. You are in my rotating Hail Mary’s. You are definitely not a control freak. If I had to let someone else drive a huge truck speed-lightening around a sharp corner (while I was the passanger), I would retire. Immediately. You have officially entered the “brave” category in my upcoming Blog Awards.

  3. Tiff,

    I do have a little control still when the student is driving…I can always jump out of the truck…HAHA (j/k)

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