Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, Cub Scouts is over for the year. Yeah, I was a Den Leader for 7 1st grader boys trying to teach them something about scouting. But as of today, It is officially over until next year. I am not doing it again. I recieved almost no help from the other parents. They, while required to attend, stood around and did nothing. They were supposed to help.

Big Sigh! New Day…

Now that summer is here, I am excited. Even though the weekends are booked solid from now until Christmas (it seems), this is the time of swimming at the pool/lake, fishing, hiking, geocaching (I will explain what that is another time), and summer vacations. I am excited at this time of year.

Summer vacation this year is going to be a cheap one. Gotta save up for the 15th anniversary/friends wedding in London next year.

I hope you have a great spring/summer.

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  1. I think we should buy the movie “Meatballs” on DVD just so we can listen to the song “Are you ready for the summer?” I would sing that at the end of school every year when I was a kid. Can’t remember if you like that movie or not. But since you love “What About Bob?” I think you’d probably like this Bill Murray movie as well.

    Love ya!

  2. We can get it this weekend. I have seen it, but it has been a long long time.

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