It’s Tuesday And All Is Well

This is sooo cool. I actually have readers to this blog. I know I said it was not a big deal awhile back, but still, I think it is cool. I am only averaging 10-15 hits a day, but hey, It is still cool.

Today, my student actually did a great job. He managed over 500 miles on his own. This is a major accomplishment, especially when you couple that to the fact that he was abvle to recover gears, manuever tight turns, and difficult docks. I am very happy and pleased with him. This is the guy who last week was trying to take 35 mph ramps at 50 mph.

So, things are looking better. Frieght is still mediocre at best, but you have to take what you can get in this business.

On a side note, I have actually been published 4 times now on associated It won’t make me rich, but I think it is cool.  

No other deep or trivial thoughts today.

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  1. Hey Derek,

    That’s so cool. All of it – the growing readership, the competent student, and your place on AC. I haven’t actually been there much lately, but I will be back this week. Can’t wait to meet up with you there!

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