What An Awesome Day

Today is an awesome day. I just wish I could play hookie and go play. It is warm, sunny, and just about the perfect day to go hike in the woods and find a geocache.

What is a “geocache”? It is a box hidden somewhere in the woods. In it are all kinds of trinkets. You use a GPS and a computer with internet. From the website www.geocaching.com, you can find out where they are and what the latitude and longitude coordinates are for the treasure. Then armed with a bottle of water, a snack, a pen, a trinket or two to trade and your trusty GPS reciever, you head out for adventure.

I am relatively new to the sport, but I love it. My wife and kids love it too. My boys call it treasure hunting. Some of the caches (as the box is known) are tiny, no larger than a film canister, while others can be as big as a 5 gallon bucket. Some are located in cities and towns, while others require a person to walk through the woods for several miles to find the cache.

I just wish I could go out today. I finished work at 10:00 this morning, and am stuck teaching map reading and trip planning to a guy who is not very swift with this kind of thing. If only I could win the powerball, retire, and play all day long… wishful thinking, I know.

Well, off to explain for the umpteenth time that I-95 is a north/south interstate and I-495 is a beltway around Washington DC.

I hope you are enjoying the weather…

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  1. Hee hee hee, that directional sense sounds like mine. However, I was able to tell Jill (5th grade math teacher) to go South on Airport road off of 22 east bound to get to the Flynn and O’Hara uniform store because I remember you had to bear right of that exit, which would be south. Yipee for me! By the way, I tried Yocco’s hot dog a few weeks ago and they’re not that great. I like Nathan’s better.

  2. Hey,

    I know the Flynn and O’Hara uniform store! Had to get stuff there for St. Ann’s before we moved up here. It was a nice day, Derek. I will pray for your powerball win.

  3. Tiff, If I will the powerball, I promise to share it with you.

    Jenn, Yeah, I agree on Yocco’s hotdogs. Not that great. Nathan’s, on the other hand rock. I think it is the water…They reuse it as long as they can. They call the dogs “Dirty Water Dogs”.

  4. Hi. I’m a friend of Jenn’s from work. After reading your geocache posting, I thought of a reason for the backup on
    I-95 a while back. They said they had to fix a support column…. but maybe they were really just looking for a geocache.

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