Weak Economy and High Fuel Prices

The first major carrier has fallen victim to high fuel prices and cheap frieght (weak economy). A mid sized trucking company that does less than load and full truck load until yesterday employed 1500 drivers plus mechanics and office personnel.

The national average fuel price is $4.415 per gallon nationwide. Shippers are unwilling to pay the high fuel surcharges to cover the cost, and as a result, JEVIC Transportation has shut it’s doors.

So far this year over 900 companies involved in the trucking industry have gone bankrupt or just quit doing business. Mainly because of high fuel prices. Please write your senators and Representative in Washington DC and ask them to help solve the problem. Diesel is expected to exceed $5.00 by Labor Day (Gasoline is expected to break $4.00 by the 4th of July).

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  1. Hey Derek,

    Well said. It is frightening how high gas prices are climbing. I find that even just a simple trip to the grocery store is costing me twice what it used to.

  2. It is now costing us $80 to fill the tank on the van, and I use an entire tank of gas per week to commute to Allentown everyday for my job, which doesn’t pay a whole lot.

  3. Hey Jenn, Just be glad I don’t have to pay for fuel in the truck. Yesterday the fill up was well over $600. Ouch!

  4. I’m working really hard to help lower the impact of diesel prices on owner operators. I put together a blog that covers the benefits of using ceramic coated turbo chargers and exhaust manifolds. It can roughly save 10% on your cost per mile. Depending on how far you drive, it can pay for itself pretty easily.

    I simply collect data because I believe in the technology and am trying to get the word out. check out ceramiccoatings.wordpress.com I’ve posted all the test data I can find from anywhere I can find it.

    Good Luck to you and hang in there! – Chris

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