GeoCaching Weekend!!!

Sheeder Hall Covered Bridge

What a wonderful weekend full of sun, rain, 2 geocache finds and even helping my brother & sister-in-laws in their first hide.

On Friday, after work, I raced home and picked up the kids from school after spending a nice visit w/ my friend Tiff. Drove to Allentown to meet Jenn and the third child. Moved everything to her car and drove on down to Newtown Square, PA.

On Saturday, it was decided that we would attempt to find the “Covered Bridge Tour of Chester County – NORTH” multi-cache (a geocache that involves finding several places and then finding the final treasure. This cache involved finding 5 old covered bridges in Chester county, PA and answering questions about them. Then, we were able to find the correct coordinates for the final stage — the treasure box.

BTW, did I mention it was raining and pouring almost the whole time?

We had fun driving all over the back roads of Chester County looking for the bridges. Then, we were starving and found a great brew-pub called the Sly Fox. Had a great lunch of burgers and fries, then set off for the final stage. After a few mix-ups in reading the GPS receivers, we figured out which way to go on an old horse trail. Made it up the muddy slippery hill and finally found the cache. It was really neat.

Later that day, we decided to find another one (much easier) and saw 2 snapping turtles. This too was really neat.

Sunday afternoon, my family helped Jenn’s brother (my brother in law) and his wife place their first cache. Off down another muddy slippery horse trail without the rain. Saw a really neat waterfall, destroyed our shoes, and placed the cache.

Then it was off to work for me…..:(

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  1. Had a blast talking books, writing, food, bugs, kids, politics, religion, tacos, all-you-can-eat soup bars, etc…with you on Friday, too, Derek:) Did I mention that you are an easy guy to have a conversation with?

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