Palin rocks the RNC!

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air. Conservative, blue collar, and intelligent. She is exactly what we the people of the United States need to fill the position of Vice President.

Obama’s media like the Clinton News Network, pMSNBC, NY Compost, and many others are trashing her because she is a self made woman with strong moral, conservative christian values who does not believe in the Right to abortion. She believes that we should be more independant in terms of energy (DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!).

It is sad that when it comes to Obama’s background and family, the subject is off limits. Sarah Palin’s family is everyone’s business. Who cares if her husband had a DUI over 20 years ago. Who cares that her 17 year old engaged daughter is pregnant (age of consent in Alaska is 16, so where is the scandal?). Who cares if she did her job as mayor and fired the chief of police who deserved more than just being fired. Who cares if she went to the University of Idaho. Who cares if she was a sports reporter with big hair and earrings in the early ’80’s (wasn’t that the style?). Who cares if when she was 18 and in her college dorm room someone took a picture of her wearing a t-shirt that says “I may be flat broke, but I am not flat busted”.

Obama, on the other hand did hard drugs when he was younger, no one talks about it. His mother was pregnant before she was married, but no one is talking about it. Obama believes that abortion is a good thing, but no one is talking about it. Obama said that if one of his daughters were to get pregnant as a teenager, he would not want them to be punished by having a baby…but no one is talking about it. Obama is friends with Michael Ayers, a known and unrepenant terrorist who bombed the whitehouse, military facilities, police stations and such, but no one is talking about it. Michelle Obama hates America and has said so, but no one is talking about it. Everything Obama promises is straight out of the Communist Manifesto, but no one cares.

I can continue, but just take some time and do some research. Do you want to live in a socialist Marxist country or a free country. Just look at both sides then decide.

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  1. Hey Derek,

    Great piece! Well done! I am so excited for this election!

    I read your blog every day, but I have sucked at commenting. I am back though, and love the new pic at the top.

    Love the pictures of Canada, too.

  2. Hey, and I love the contrasts you make between how the media “vetted” Palin and how they graced Obama. Good stuff and very insightful.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to remember to post more often. At least as often as I can get access.

    Just think, you are one of three people who actually read this blog. I feel honored.

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