Matt Damon Is An Idiot!!!

Actor Matt Damon poses for a photo prior to a interview at the Toronto International...

AP Photo: Actor Matt Damon poses for a photo prior to a interview at the Toronto International...

I used to like Matt Damon movies.

However, today, I have lost all respect for this actor, actually just about every actor in Holywood. Matt Damon has proven that he is not just a liberal fascist pig, but an ignorant one as well.

You can read the news article here…Matt Damon says he fears a Palin administration.

He thinks that Governor Palin’s experience as the Mayor of the town of Wasilla, Alaska and her time as the Governor of the largest state (land mass and coastline) is of little importance. Did you know that the State of Alaska is bordered by two foreign nations? Canada and Russia. Did you know that Alaska and the Alaskan National Guard is the first line of defense against a missle attack from Russia. Who controls the Alaskan National Guard, the Governor.

Did you know that Alaska is the richest state in the Union when it comes to natural resources?

He claims he knows nothing about her and cannot learn anything about her in just 8 weeks. This is such crap. He just does not want to learn anything about her except what the liberal media has to say, which is nothing but a bunch of lies and misinformation.

He believes that Senator McCain picked Governor Palin as a political move. You bet he did it for that reason. However, it was not because she is a female! It is because she is qualified.

He believes that Senator McCain will die (1 in 3 chances according to his actuarial tables) while in his first term and that the possibility of Governor Palin stepping up to the Presidency is like a really bad Disney movie.

He wants to know if she banned books from the library. She did not. The list in question included books that were no longer in print. It is kind of hard to get a book that is not available to be purchased, don’t you think.

Matt Damon thinks he is a political commentator, insurance actuary, and has all the answers on how the world came to be.

Better yet, watch the best part of the interview here…Please watch the video, it is only about 1 1/2 minutes long:

And what the &^%W@ do dinosaurs have to do with nuclear codes and the remote possibility she could be the president in the next few years! Mr. Damon, and the rest of you Holywood idiots, do America a favor and stop opening your mouths. I personnally do not like the diarrhea that pours forth every time you try to utter something!!!

(I have rewritten this post 5 times because I did not think my 3 readers would want to read all the foul language I edited out of the first few drafts).

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  1. I will not be spending any of my descretionary income on his movies either! Why don’t these Hollywood stars get that we do not want to hear their political opinions?

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