Bail Out Bill Passed By The House

Well, The US Constitution as we know it has been raped and pillaged by the Senate and The House of Representatives. The Bail Out Bill was approved today at about 1:45 pm. The vote was 263 YEA and 171 NAY (of the NAY votes, 108 were Republicans).

The bill is expected to hit President Bush’s desk later today. We all know that he will sign it, since he has been screaming for the bailout.

The US Government now controls the majority of banking and real estate businesses. What is next? Healthcare if Obama gets his way. Energy? Transportation? The American way of life and the whole idea of a free market system!

I am upset and disgusted in the recent actions of our politicians.

Socialism is coming to America. Make way for high prices, long lines, shortages, and no cash in your pocket!

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  1. I agree with you 100%… I am outraged with the elected officals in Washington. Christ, a barrell of monkies can do just as good as they can, if not better.
    Check my blog space out for i put up a new blog this morning with web links that you can visit to see how your senator and congressman voted on the passing of this $700 billion bailout bill. And if they voted to pass it, I am urging everyone to vote them out of office….All of the congressman’s are up for re-election in November. It is time they go. Of course the congress vote isn’t up yet…and if you can’t get to it tomorrow then check my blog out again for i will put another link on it tomorrow with the current vote from today.

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who is upset and disgusted.

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