Barack: You Are a Socialist, We’ve proven it!

Here is a VERY interesting blog post that EVERY voter must read…

Let’s call a Socialist a Socialist, shall we! Here we go…

Now, let us also keep in mind that the media is in his camp. Obama wants to nationalist health care, banking, oil (okay, he hasn’t said it yet, but you know he is thinking it), as well as every other major industry sector in the US.

He has threatened people for speaking out against him and what he stands for, to even file lawsuits and urge prosecuters to go after such people.

His campaign has lied, cheated, yes, he has cheated. He is using his contacts with the supposed non-partisan organization ACORN, to get homeless people to register to vote and vote the same day in Ohio and other states.

He has radical associations with people like the unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers, and the inflammatory “Black Liberation Theology” Pastor Wright.

He has tight associations with the former CEO of Fannie Mae and is their second largest recipient of campaign donations.

His volunteers have removed campaigned signs that support his opponents (an illegal act).

He is guilty of campaign donor fraud.

He wants to raise taxes and increase welfare (Give to those according to their need from those according to their ability).

“Obama Moves to Silence All ACORN Critics:”

His campaign supports the Fairness Doctrine. This would require radio and TV stations to limit the amount of conservative discussion and mandate that liberals have a say. This means that owners of these stations will be censored in what they want to put on the air.

The Democrats want to eliminate 401(k) plans and make a national retirement plan to supplement Social Security. All current money in 401(k) plans would be forfeited and a mandatory 5% of gross earnings will go into this plan.

I don’t know about you, but this is starting to sound a lot like . Big Brother is coming to America.

Every person who is of legal voting age must vote against this man.

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