The Dems and The Economy

As you may recall, the Democratic-led 110th Congress has for the past two years tried to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) from $25 billion to as much as $75 billion over five years.  Such a dramatic expansion would shift the financial burden for 2.8 million children’s health insurance from the private sector onto taxpayers and serve as the foundation for nationalizing healthcare in this country.  CCAGW and our members like you led grassroots drives to block the SCHIP expansion in 2007, and President Bush responded by wielding his veto pen.  With bigger Democratic majorities in both chambers of the 111th Congress and President-elect Barack Obama a proponent of the SCHIP expansion, we expect to see a revival of SCHIP legislation early in January, 2009.  Read more about the impact of expanding SCHIP.

Card Check
As with SCHIP, the Employee Free Choice Act, better known as “card check,” twice failed to pass the 110th Congress.  This misleadingly named legislation would eliminate secret ballot voting for unionizing a workplace, replacing it instead with a system where union organizers publicly collect workers’ signatures on union cards.  A pet cause of Democrats and their Big Labor supporters, card check is blatantly undemocratic and would enhance the power of labor unions at the expense of consumers and taxpayers, who would bear the brunt of higher costs from a more unionized workforce.  Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have indicated that card check may very well be H.R. 1 next year — the very first piece of legislation the House considers.  Read more about the drive for card check legislation.

Economic Stimulus Plan
President-elect Obama and congressional leaders have made clear their intention to pass another economic “stimulus” package in January in order to jumpstart the economy.  The price tag for this stimulus will dwarf the $150 billion package that the Bush Administration and Congress crafted earlier this year.  Estimates run as high as $700 billion, or even $1 trillion!  With taxpayers already committed to absorbing the $700 billion Wall Street bailout and other federal “rescue” measures, a new stimulus plan will only add to the mounting debt and will likely prove as ineffectual as the original Bush package in spurring an economic recovery.  What’s more, special interest groups are already jockeying to load the stimulus bill with their pet, pork-barrel projects.  The United States Conference of Mayors has presented Congress with a wish list of projects — tennis courts, swimming pools, golf courses, and bike paths — that would cost taxpayers $73 billion in 2009 and 2010.  Read about alternatives to another expensive stimulus package.

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