President Obama May Not Be The Infallible Messiah After All

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed President Obama at the White House on Tuesday.

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed President Obama at the White House on Tuesday.

(CNN) — President Obama joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday to discuss the withdrawal of Tom Daschle as health and human services secretary-designate and the state of the U.S. economy. The following are excerpts from the interview.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Thanks very much for sitting down with us today. Explain what happened today, Tom Daschle, you’ve let one of the most important domestic issues, which is health care, get caught up in what looks to many Americans like politics as usual.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Well, I think what happened was that Tom made an assessment that having made a mistake on his taxes that he took responsibility for, and indicated was a mistake, made the assessment that he was going to be too much of a distraction in trying to lead what is going to be a very heavy lift, trying to deliver health care. And …

COOPER: Do you feel you messed up in letting it get this far?

OBAMA: Yes. I think I made a mistake. And I told Tom that. I take responsibility for the appointees and …


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  1. isn’t a part of being perfect being secure enough to admit yor mistakes? Not that he’s perfect. But who want’s perfect. Me, I want humans in office. Preferably very smart humans. And Obama is just that.

  2. I did not say he was perfect. I merely said he is not the infallible Mesiah, that so many left wing Liberals claim he is.

    As for a smart person, how smart is he? What is his IQ? What are his grades from college and Law School? No one knows the answer to these questions, because President Obama refuses to release the information.

    Now, I know he is not REQUIRED to release it, but every President and Presidential candidate before him has upon request.

  3. Actually, his academic records are outstanding. You don’t get into the schools he did or get to be the head of the law review unless they are. Not to mention being a professor at one of those same schools later on.

  4. By the way, he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, which gives that honor to the top 10%. Now to get into Harvard Law School, even from another Ivy League level school like Columbia, you need to score very high on the LSATs. I could look up where Harvard’s lowest acceptable score falls if you like.

  5. As far as getting into Harvard or Occidental, any minority with average grades and enough money can get in. It is because of laws written by liberals that require a certain percentage to be allowed in. These laws are called “Affirmative Action” laws.

    Also, I agree that yes, he was Magna Cum Laude, and head of the Law Review.

    But you failed to answer my questions like EVERY other pro-Obama pundit and kool-aid drinker.

    So, I will repeat them just once for you, and let us see if you can answer them:

    1. WHAT IS HIS IQ?

    If you cannot answer these questions, then admit that you cannot. Please do not continue to spew the talking points.

  6. Additionally, this post was NOT about his intelligence, but rather that he is not as Infallible as the Liberals want to think he is. Nor is he the Messiah, as many left wingers claim.

    BTW: note the source…CNN (a VERY liberal news channel), or should I say the Clinton News Network.

  7. Like Obama had a lot of money when he applied to Harvard Lw School. He didn’t. And your idea of what it takes to get into Harvard is ridiculous. And as for an estimate of Obama’s IQ, here’s a link:'s_IQ

    which argues that it can’t be less than 129.

    What’s more, the average IQ of Harvard undergrads is 130.

    And the selectivity of law school is a similar grade above the average of that, which would put it at 160.

  8. There’s also data on the GPA’s pf law applicants to Harvard that are accepted.

    Median GPA is 3.75

  9. Alas, my poor kool-aid drinking Obama believer. You have failed in this exchange. In my last comment, I said answer the questions with facts, not talking points.

    Not only did you fail to answer the questions, but you gave me one link to “wikianswers” which is a bunch of talking points that says NOTHING about his intelligence, but then provided 2 more links to a blog (like mine, a subject of OPINION, not FACT). and then a link to another site of dubious origin that says what acceptable law school applicant GPA’s are.

    A GPA of 3.75 is a “B” average, albeit a high “B”. BUT, this does not tell us the answer to what I asked YOU.

    So, since you cannot give answers like every other Obama Mania Kool-Aid drinker, please move on with your pitiful talking points.

    Also, since you obviously missed the point of this post TWICE now, I will repeat it so that MAYBE it will get through your Kool-Aid Addled brain…This post WAS NOT about Obama’s intelligence. You started that. It was about the idea that President Obama is not as “INFALLIBLE” as the media and the liberal Left believe he is.

    Have a great day.

    Oh, BTW, did the President make your Mortgage payment or fill your gas tank this month? I thought not.

  10. I gave you excellent facts by which to judge both Obama’s grades and his IQ. The average for Harvard undergrads is 130. The law school is even more selective. Thus he is very likely to be over 130 by a significant amount. What is more, he was in the top 10% of the law school graduates, because otherwise he would not have gotten that magna cum laude. Therefore, he had excellent law school grades, which are harder to get than undergrad grades, and which indicate that he was at the top among the law students, confirming that well over 130 number. If you can’t reason well enough to follow that, it’s not my failing but yours.

    As for my gas tank, I have none, since I live someplace with excellent public transportation and don’t need a car, which saves bunches. As for my mortgage, I don’t mind paying it because I had the wisdom to pick a house that has actually continually gone up in value, even now. That increase pays my mortgage. You?

    And sorry, intelligence is relevant, now, since Bush isn’t the President anymore.

  11. But again, your intelligence seems to be failing.

    This was NOT a post about the intelligence of our Dear Leader, but about his being “Infallible”.

    So sorry, but again I say, You have lost.

  12. Oh, and you gave me talking points and opinions, not facts.

  13. My intelligence, and my ability to research is proven. I provided you with legitimate sources. And you don’t get to decide what’s relevant, the readers do, unless you want to cut off comments. I think they’ll judge that I won. Sorry.

    Infallibility is a strawman. Perfection, ironically enough, includes the willingness to admit imperfection. Sorry how much it upsets you to see Obama doing so well.

  14. See you still Do Not Get It. Oh well…enjoy your life.

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