Wednesday, Sept 23, 2009

Hey all. Today, Wednesday 9/23/09, I am sitting in Peru, NY. It has been a long week, but a good week, already.

I came out of the house last Sunday night, and had 3 loads already assigned to me that would carry me thru Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. Freight is heavy, which is good!

Sunday night I headed to Quakertown, PA and hooked up to a load of paper towels and napkins going to 2 Costco stores. The first store was scheduled for 4 AM just outside Richmond, VA. Then I had to be in Glen Allen, VA for a 7:30 appointment for the second store.

After making the two deliveries, I deadheaded to Gordansville to sleep. After my mandatory 10 hour break (sweating in an 80+ degree truck – AC was out) I got up at 9 PM and drove to Martinsville, VA for a drop and hook. This was a load of cardboard boxes going to the Baltimore area for 8 am Tuesday.

I arrived at the consignee an hour early after driving the night away. It amazes me how much traffic is on the beltway of Washington DC in the middle of the night.

Then I deadheaded to Carlisle to get the AC repaired. They didn’t want to do it at first, but eventually gave in. Their reason was that it was not hot out!!!

After the repairs were completed, I got on the road at 10 pm and headed to Quakertown to drop the empty trailer and get a load of Dixie ware going to WalMart in Johnstown, NY. I completed this load at about 5 am this morning, and realized I had just enough time to make it to Plattsburgh, NY for my break before picking up a load at the Georgia Pacific plant there.

Enroute to Plattsburgh, I took a 5 minute stretch break, found a quick geocache, and still had plenty of time to reach the shipper…Or so I thought!

About 15 minutes away from the plant, DOT (Dept of Transportation) had opened the weigh station. I thought I would be waved thru since I was empty, but alas, they were looking at everyone.

They nailed me with an out of service notification for a kink in the airlines for the trailer brakes. It was something I had asked maintenance to repair, but had been told it was not an OOS issue. The maintenance guy was wrong. An hour and a half later, post DOT inspection and repairs, I am sitting with no hours to work until tonight, and only 15 minutes from the shipper.

So far this week, I have driven almost 1600 miles, and am now assigned 3 loads that will carry me into Saturday and cover about 1100 more miles.

On a side note, this post was typed on my iPhone using the WordPress application. Too small of a keyboard for long posts as I have fat finger syndrome, but very easy to use otherwise!

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  1. Glad you had time for the Geocache!

  2. Even though it only took about 5 minutes to find it, I was glad to make a quick stop and stretch the legs after a 5 hour stink behind the wheel.

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