Daily Summary – May 1, 2011

While I set up the attachment to Weeklies #1, I also need to start adding my daily logs (Catching up is so hard to do…).

Daily Report for May 1, 2011

Daily Log

Breakfast 292
Pizza, cheese, lrg, 14″ 1 Piece 225
Coffee, brewed w/tap water 24 Fluid ounces 7
Creamer, non-dairy, French vanilla flvr 1 ½ Tablespoons 60

Lunch 1,163
Chili, beef, prep f/cnd w/water ½ Cup 74
French Fries, fried in veg oil, lrg, fast food 1 Each 539
Cheeseburger, lrg patty, fast food 1 Each 506
Ketchup 3 Tablespoons 44

Snacks 253
Candy, jellybeans, sml 15 Each 62
Crackers, sandwich, cheese, w/peanut butter fill 4 Each 129
Candy, peanut butter cups, mini 1 Each 36
Candy Bar, Kit Kat, mini, 0.35oz bar ½ Each 26

Exercise 94
Walking 20 min 94

Fat 82g 43%
Saturated Fat 26g
Cholesterol 132mg
Sodium 3055mg
Carbohydrates 188g 44%
Fiber 12g
Sugars 50g
Protein 56g 13%

Food Calories 1,708
Exercise Calories 94
Net Calories 1,614
+/- Calories -711
Weight 295.1

This report was generated with Lose It!

I know, I know… Too much fat, too many Carbs, especially sugar, but it was a celebration day. My youngest son received his First Holy Communion & Pope John Paul II was beatified, hence the candy.

On the subject of candy, I refuse to not eat something just because it is a “bad” food. I will just have it in moderation.

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  1. Ok, so it’s very time consuming to this on a daily basis, so I think I’ll do a weekly recap. That I should post early each week for the previous week.

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