Shape Up Weekly # 4

See the attached weekly communication for this week’s tips:

▪ Proteins 101

▪ Strategies to develop exercise habits

▪ According to the CDC, what percentage of adults are obese in every state?

Health Headlines

Of the four headlines below, one is false. The other three are actual headlines published last week.

The CDC want you to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Paralyzed man freely moves after getting implant

Medtronic, Ford Partner on In-Car Diabetes System

Guy Eats His Weight In Combos Over 3-Month Period

Check back next week for the answer!

Last Week’s false headline:

Nashville Woman Marries Into Health Insurance

Texas Cameras to Track School Lunches

Fight for the Right to Serve ‘heart attack’ Burgers

Rare Surgery Turns Ohio Teen’s Leg Backwards

And now, I have an opportunity to post the attachment at the same time!!!

The Weeklies

“Insight to eating right, exercise and living a healthy life.”


General Nutrition “Proteins 101”

You may have heard about the importance of eating protein, but what exactly does this nutrient do? Your body uses the protein you eat in a variety of ways, including:

•Build and repair all tissues

•Form enzymes and hormones

•Form antibodies to fight infection

Protein is found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, dried beans, peas, peanut butter, nuts and seeds.

Do I Need to Eat Meat to Get Enough Protein in My Diet?

No, many plant‐based foods are quite high in protein. Grains (bread, cereal, pasta, rice) nuts, beans and tofu are just a few high‐protein plant‐based foods.

Physical Fitness “Strategies to develop exercise habits”

If you are like most people, finding time to exercise can be tough. These tips can help even the busiest person find spare time to squeeze exercise into the day.

• Block out the same time each day for activity. This helps develop a routine just like brushing your teeth each morning. Protect that time so that you have time to take care of you.

• Exercise first thing in the morning. It is a peaceful and quiet time of the day and it is unlikely another activity will interrupt you.

• Turn off the television and put down all cellular devices. We devote hours upon hours each week to these activities. Consider replacing a few television viewing or social networking hours with physical activity instead.

• Find an activity that you enjoy so that you will look forward to doing it each and every day.

Resources “Spark People”

Spark People is a free online resource that provides numerous, easy to use tools for tracking nutrition, planning meals, creating exercise programs and much more. sparkpeople.


“Movement is a medicine for creating change in the person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” ‐ Carol Welch

Challenge “Veg Out”

Try at least 1 new fruit AND vegetable this week; something you’ve never tried before. If you think you’ve tried them all, find one that you haven’t eaten in a long time. Ask co‐workers and friends about their favorites if you need some ideas.

Did you know…

According to the CDC, in every state, more than 15% of adults are obese, and in nine states, over 30% of adults are obese.

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